Associations & Nonprofits

It’s time to write your new story.

There’s plenty of talk about the challenges that member-based organizations are facing, but you don’t need to be part of that narrative. Let’s turn the page, dip your pen in some innovative ink and compose the next chapter in your organization’s bright future.


Consulting & Strategic Planning

Consulting & Strategic Planning for Destination Marketing Organizations

Forget the traditional definition of “consulting.”

This is the we-play-on-your-team-for-the-long-haul approach to brightening your future. We immerse ourselves in your organization to determine how to help your staff and your Board work together to keep your members coming back for more.

Association Forum
NEW THINK takes strategic planning across the breadth and depth of this association Read the Case Study

Growing Your Organization

Association & Nonprofit Growth Strategies

You’ve already planted strong roots.

Now, it’s time to give your association the fuel it needs to aspire to new heights — where you’ll gain new perspectives on new members, new sponsors and new opportunities for success.

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Corporate Meeting Strategy & Branding

Stay on your members’ minds.

When they wake up. When they go to work. When they talk to their peers. Our marketing efforts will help you be more than the organization they send their dues to each year. You’ll be the community they count on everyday.

The Hotel Experience
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Meeting Assessment

Association & Nonprofits meeting Assessment

Don’t just ask your attendees to save the dates.

Make sure you’re giving them endless reasons to draw circles around them with a permanent marker. From a holistic perspective at 30,000 feet to the fine lens of a microscope, MYB’s PhD-level research digs deep to discover what your attendees really think about your meeting and your organization. Armed with a snapshot in “real-time”, we’ll garner insights and opportunities that lay the foundation for a refreshed overarching strategy to ensure relevancy to attendees and growth for your organization. The result? Deeper relationships, inspired participants, pathways to new audiences, and ideas to truly distinguish your brand in a competitive environment.

American Academy of Ophthalmology
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Face2Face & Digital Events

Association & Nonprofit Face2Face & Digital Events

Bring your message to life.

Whether your attendees are coming together on-site or behind their screens, this is your chance to do more than help them earn education credits. This is your opportunity to inspire them and send them off into a world of new possibilities. While you’re at it, you shouldn’t be worried about who’s prepping the keynote backstage or whether the caterer took care of those gluten-free plates. Let our team manage every piece of the logistical puzzle so you can focus on the big picture.

Experience Design & Production

Association & Nonprofit Experience Design & Production

This is where the art of innovation meets the science of strategic thinking.

Your attendees aren’t interested in the this-is-the-way-we-did-it-last-year approach. They want to be part of a can’t-be-replicated engaging experience that reinforces the value of belonging to your organization. Whether you’re looking for a simple tweak to your program or a completely redesigned event to maximize your value proposition, we’ll join your team to deliver what matters most: relevancy, authenticity, and engagement.

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