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Does Your Strategy Need a Refresh?

by MYB, on December 16, 2019

The most dangerous words anyone can utter at an association are "we've always done it that way." The needs of members and attendees change over time. Your association's goals change too. That's why it's critical to refresh your strategic plan on a regular basis, explains Kevin Hinton, Executive Vice President, Strategy at MYB.

"Are we able to pivot? Are we able to take advantage of new opportunities? By looking at our strategy objectively and regularly, we can make those decisions," Hinton says. He adds that new people routinely enter your association's orbit: Different member classes emerge, new board members rotate in, and other organizations and associations arrive that might make for effective partnerships. Your old strategy may not accommodate them.

Those are just a few of the reasons for a strategy refresh that Hinton shares in this three-minute video. Take a look for more!