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Know Your Why + 9 Other Trends that Keep Your Association Relevant

by Scott Falvey, on February 13, 2020

“We are worth more than the work that we do; the work that we do is supposed to reflect who we are and what our worth is.” 
- Simon Sinek

At Minding Your Business, we are big advocates of Sinek's philsophy. Organizations that have clearly defined their purpose — or, "know their why" — have a foundation that will enable them to thrive. As the 2020 report from the Reputation Institute states, "Companies need to deliver on a corporate brand purpose and embrace cultural values at an emotional level that transcends the products and services they sell."

Download the Reputation Institutes report to learn more about the value of aligning your strategic goals with your organization's higher purpose, plus 9 other trends that will enable your organization to stay relevant as we head into a future where "forces beyond profits matter more than ever."



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