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Watch: Why Data Consolidation Matters (Part 1)

by MYB, on December 2, 2019

On Cyber Monday, it's worth a reminder that association members are no different than anybody else shopping online. When they come to your website, they want an experience that reflects their particular backgrounds, interests, and needs. Knowing "who's using what, who's finding value in what," as MYB Director, Research and Data Insights Stephen Gabourel says in this video, requires good data consolidation.

That process, as Gabourel and MYB CEO Max Suzenaar discuss, requires bringing together distinct databases that include demographic data (a member/attendee's location, job role, etc.), behavioral data (meeting attendance, volunteering), and attitudinal data (the value they feel they get from meetings, publications, and more). Bringing those three types of data together can have a big impact on your association's strategy, as they explain. Take a look!

Why Data Consolidation Matters - Part 1








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