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Which KPIs Can Help Transform Your Conference?

by MYB, on December 9, 2019

The success of your association's conference is too important to be left to seat-of-one's-pants thinking and snap judgments. To truly understand how well your big event is doing, establish some meaningful metrics around it, and be prepared to have some candid conversations about what you learn.

In this video, MYB manager of research and data insights Jordan Sannito and MYB director of research and data insights Stephen Gabourel discuss those metrics, better known as key performance indicators, or KPIs. Among the "foundational questions" Sannito recommends are: How satisfied are you with the conference? How likely are you to recommend the conference to a colleague? How likely are you to attend next year?

Such questions can deliver powerful insights, Sannito says, because they reveal which types of attendees have the deepest sense of loyalty to your association. We'll be talking more about KPIs this week, so make sure to check back.