Destination Marketing Organizations

The world is getting bigger.

DMO or CVB - whatever you call your organization, you’re working toward one goal: to shrink the map in front of meeting professionals, business travelers and leisure guests and help them see what makes your destination THE place to be. So let’s focus their vision. Let’s bring them to your front door. Let’s send them home with plans to return - again and again.


Consulting & Strategic Planning

Consulting & Strategic Planning for Destination Marketing Organizations

Tomorrow is closer than you think.

We want to stand on the corner and help you greet it. We’ll immerse ourselves in your destination with a you-can-call-us-your-neighbors style and develop a plan to keep your convention calendar packed, your hotel rooms booked and your local economy thriving for many years to come.

Palm Springs
NEW THINK is applied to a Destination Development Plan Read the Case Study

Customer & Member Engagement Strategies

Destination Marketing Organization Customer & Member Engagement Strategies

Keep everyone involved. Everyday.

You don’t just want customers and members. You’re looking for loyal champions — the kind you can trust with the keys to your city. We’ll help you build relationships to inspire your members and your customers to feel equally invested in every corner of your community.

Choose Chicago
Discover how NEW THINK helped one city replace its old-school Customer Advisory Board with a first-of-its-kind executive engagement program. Read the Case Study

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Corporate Meeting Strategy & Branding

Every road should lead to your door.

Facebook, Twitter, email, TV, print, radio - the list of marketing communication channels continues to grow. Let’s make sure your destination is a trending topic everywhere your audience turns.

Three Destinations. One Premier Brand. Created with NEW THINK. Read the Case Study

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