See the big picture with a future-focused, innovation-centric approach

As AR, VR, AI, and a range of other emerging acronyms transform the meaning of connectedness, MYB will help you lay a strong foundation to weather the storm of disruption and ensure your organization’s long-term relevance.

Strategic Planning & Board Facilitation

Balance the opinions of the experts who have been elected to lead your organization with objective research, data analysis, and financial figures to align key players and gain momentum for a long-lasting path to success.

Meeting Growth & Engagement Strategy

Get a comprehensive look at the competitive landscape to see who isn’t coming, why they’re staying home, and what you need to keep your registration numbers moving in one direction: up.

Membership Engagement & Growth Strategy

Identify the conversation-starters for introducing your organization to new customers, and back them up with a big-picture engagement strategy that turns them into the most committed members of your community. 

Sponsorship & Strategic Partnership Development

Leverage your most valuable assets to deliver the ROI your sponsors and partners demand while providing value for the audience that matters most: your members and attendees. Win-win.

Non-Dues Revenue Development

Uncover what your audience is looking for, how much they're willing to pay for it, and whether you have the resources to add those new assets so you can unlock new, all-year-long financial streams. 

Marketing Strategy & Persona Development

Understand the behaviors and beliefs that drive your audience's decisions, and develop a segmented communication plan to strike a meaningful conversation with every member, donor, and attendee.


Let's Talk About Tomorrow

And the decade after it. We're here to help you embrace change and create opportunities.

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