More attendees. More engagement.
More market share. More revenue.

A NEW THINKSM-fueled approach that helps you re-imagine your face-to-face experiences and rethink your content delivery. The result? Attendees who return for more year after year. 

Meeting & Tradeshow Assessment & Redesign

Identify what your audience needs with MYB's rigorous research methodology, and leverage those findings to deliver an on-site, out-of-this-world experience.

Meeting Engagement & Growth Strategy

Get a comprehensive look at the competitive landscape to see who isn’t coming, why they’re staying home, and what you need to keep your registration numbers moving in one direction: up.

Educational Content Analysis & Redesign

Empower your staff and volunteer leadership with a big-picture content strategy that delivers the cutting-edge insights and hands-on interaction that today's professionals crave.

Meetings Portfolio Assessment

Turn every page on the calendar to see how well each agenda serves your audience, which events should head for the sunset, and whether you can add new programming to increase engagement and revenue.


Maximize your meeting's full potential with our proprietary, cost-effective diagnostic check-up that delivers a prescription for increased relevance, greater engagement, and a better bottom line.

Meeting Surveys & Evaluations

Stretch miles beyond the typical post-event evaluation to identify risks, uncover opportunities, and outline a roadmap for making consistent improvements to your meetings and events.


Make Your Next Meeting Mean More

Let's turn your on-site environment into a can't-miss, tell-your-friends-about-it kind of experience.

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