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The Membership Model of the Future

Membership used to be the most meaningful piece of the association puzzle. For those who joined the community, it provided a common sense of purpose to come together and exchange ideas. And for the association itself, membership delivered an essential ingredient: revenue. While annual membership dues continue to play an important role in operating budgets, the concept of belonging to an organization — and the value associated with it — is changing. 

  • How can associations work to benefit from incremental transactions versus once-a-year payments?
  • Will traditional membership benefits resonate with Generation Z?
  • What can your organization learn from the subscription models of consumer-facing brands like Netflix and Amazon?
  • Should associations consider non-member engagement a pathway to membership or simply a new revenue source to tap transactionally? 
Prepare for the future of membership with this free interview-style webinar hosted by Max Suzenaar, CEO of Minding Your Business, Inc., with John Folks, President.

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FEB 13 @ 12PM  CST


Max Suzenaar, CEO & CSO
Minding Your Business, Inc.

Max leads the strategy team at Minding Your Business and is the champion of MYB’s NEW THINK, a unique combination of rigorous research paired with creative ingenuity. As a natural marketer, he understands the power of meaningful engagement with stakeholders. His unique approach to strategic planning and visioning has helped guide many organizations to think differently about how to be more relevant in the future.


John Folks, President
Minding Your Business, Inc.

John has been working with associations for over 30 years and believes in the power of meetings to create unique and lasting member engagement. Meetings are his passion, and John is a past Board Chairman of PCMA. He has also served as a Trustee on the PCMA Foundation, and is active in several other industry organizations including ASAE and Association Forum while serving on a number of advisory boards.

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