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No more business as usual. Today’s dynamic environment demands the modernization of associations. Bold, innovative solutions to advance your mission, ensure relevancy to members and sustainability for your organization.


Is your organization postured for success in the “new normal”? The performance of your organization expands well beyond finances. It’s about the impact of your outreach, the value of your offerings and the nimbleness to address unmet needs. Our holistic, evidence-based approach provides the foundation to pioneer a new vision, align culture and strategy, redesign your business model, identify the right talent, and pivot to a high performing mission-driven association.


Declining revenues, limited resources, and robust competition may signal it’s time to explore alternative solutions to advance your mission. Or perhaps there’s a need for a stronger, united industry voice. Merging with another organization may be the right solution. MYB will shepherd you through this complex business transition, building consensus along the way. Together, we’ll create a roadmap for the future and design a “Best-in-class” organizational model to support a refreshed shared mission. The result? New opportunities to maximize impact of advocacy efforts, leverage resources, and provide more value for your industry and stakeholders.


The new digital era has redefined engagement. “Meeting people where they are” requires understanding the diverse needs of your audience and providing access to policy, programming, and services that are customized and available when they want it. That demands foundational changes: IT infrastructure, data collection & analysis, and marketing automation tools – all essential to advance your mission now and into the future.


Equity, diversity and inclusion. Has your organization defined these terms for your members, volunteers and staff? This is an essential start to fostering an inclusive culture and member experience. Diversity goals or a statement on diversity are helpful and common for associations to have, but equity and inclusion require strategies across all aspects of the organization. It's about how you do everything - education, research, events, awards, access to leadership - and the communications, systems and processes that support them. The journey may take time, but embracing an inclusive culture is paramount to demonstrate the values of your association. We can help you get started and guide the transformation.

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