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Minding Your Business. 


Seeing the Possibilities From the Stage

Minding Your Business started as an event production company, uniting attendees at massive conferences, conventions, and trade shows. We helped send participants home feeling empowered with the kind of inspiration that only comes to life in face-to-face environments. But we were also standing face-to-face with a new reality: there was a tremendous amount of untapped potential behind all those meetings and events. 

Stepping Into a Strategic Role

So we evolved. We dove into the strategy that shaped the messages and missions of our clients, analyzing every one of their touchpoints throughout the year. We put every program, every product, and every service under a microscope. We conducted in-depth workshops with boards of directors to determine the appropriate pathways to the next generation of connectedness. We uncovered insights to increase engagement, create new monetization opportunities, and expand market share.  It was complex work, but we loved it. And more importantly, we made a difference. 


Fueling the Future With Change

Over the past 25 years, we've continued to be that difference-maker for organizations who share our passion for shedding the status quo. Today, you'll find our crew of 15 full-time experts in our office in downtown Chicago. It's a hub of idea-exchanging energy where we develop customized strategies to engage with members and audiences and re-engineer the way our partners think about their futures. We are visibly passionate, insatiably curious, and joyously collaborative. We love what we do, and our clients tell us we do it well. We are inspired every day to connect the dots, uncover new truths, and create dynamic vision for change.

The MYB Difference

We believe that if you dare to think differently, the possibilities are endless. We experienced the power of that bold belief ourselves when we started looking beyond the three or four days of a conference. Now, we’re helping unlock unprecedented levels of potential for the world’s leading associations and corporations. We conduct rigorous research that identifies missed opportunities and fuels extraordinary engagement. We create strategic blueprints that turn organizations into communities. We bring the big picture into focus so that our partners can write their own stories — with page after page of possibilities.



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