A Three-Year Transformation Plan for More Attendees & More Engagement


The American Society of Anesthesiologists is an educational, research, and scientific organization with more than 52,000 members. Its annual meeting is not only an important member benefit, but also plays a crucial role in ASA’s annual budget.

To ensure the future relevancy and success of the annual meeting, senior staff and the ASA Board wanted to evaluate the overall attendee experience, including education delivery, what motivates attendees to register, how to extend the meeting and its value and how to create more value for exhibitors.

And while successful from a revenue standpoint, the organization also wanted to know how they could attract a larger percentage of their members. Approximately 10,000 participated each year. How could they refine the offering to engage the other 40,000 who were staying home?

  • Performed a full analysis of ASA’s business model with a deep dive into their governance structure and activities which bookended the annual meeting
  • Conducted key stakeholder interviewed and an in-depth member survey that uncovered opportunities to better engage specific segments of the community
  • Conducted a comprehensive on-site assessment that uncovered 12 overarching strategic findings
  • Generated 70+ tactical ideas to reimagine the experience design of the meeting
  • Developed a new strategic framework for ASA’s marketing team and a content strategy to extend the value of the program throughout the entire year
With a new strategic framework for marketing the meeting, designing a more valuable attendee experience, and extending the content’s value throughout the year, ASA has seen higher attendee satisfaction scores across its entire audience. MYB’s recommendations also helped to drive attendance increases across several key segments — including young MDs and physician assistants — that represent the future of the organization.

MYB’s work helped ASA’s meetings and education teams embark on a three-year transformation plan with a clear vision of how the organization can continue to enhance the face-to-face offering.

The success of the redesign was a catalyst for ASA to bring MYB back to continue the positive momentum, assess their progress over the last 4 years and to refresh the original redesign. They also had MYB  perform an assessment and redesign of a second meeting, the Practice Management Conference.