Turning Convention Competition into Collective Sales Power

Synchronicities is a unique three-city partnership that unites the destination marketing organizations in Anaheim, Baltimore, and San Antonio. Instead of competing against each other, the coast-to-coast knowledge transfer among the three cities aims to uncover new opportunities for making meetings more successful and driving more business to each destination’s bottom line.

The competition for meetings and events business is fierce. As DMOs work to fill hotel rooms and increase visitor spend to prove their value, it’s hard to stand out and secure new business. The leadership in Anaheim, Baltimore, and San Antonio wanted to create a DMO partnership that could engage meeting planners and create new opportunities for each city. However, DMO partnerships were nothing new, and in many cases, they had failed to deliver a real return. How could this one be different? With a NEW THINK approach to building the brand and going to market.

  • A comprehensive quantitative research approach that yielded survey responses from the greater events industry on key pain points when working with DMOs
  • One-on-one discussions with leaders from the association and corporate events space to gain honest perspectives on the potential partnership
  • Cross-country focus groups to better understand how to effectively position the brand
  • Internal interviews with the key leaders in each destination’s hotel and convention community to discuss needs, concerns, and opportunities
  • An in-depth creative immersion of the MYB team to visualize and build the Synchronicities brand
  • A distinct UVP and go-to market launch strategy that identified key sponsorship opportunities and united sales teams from each destination for a successful roll-out

Nine months after launching Synchronicities, the sales teams contracted seven citywide conventions for the three destinations that accounted for more than 70,000 room nights. That success continues to shine as Synchronicities’ combination of value and resources resonates with more meeting professionals.