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Associations change the world.

Associations change the world. They unite people around a shared mission, convening professionals around transformative ideas.

MYB is passionate about helping associations thrive at that work, and we have the knowledge and years of experience to guide you to greater heights


Challenges Are Opportunities

The headwinds of recent years have been frustrating for many associations. They’ve had to ask big questions about their relevance, value, and financial sustainability.

We know that the answers to those questions may require rethinking an outdated revenue model, launching new tools for digital engagement, and redefining what “community” means.

We’re comfortable with big-picture thinking and new ways of doing things. What may seem challenging represents opportunity to rethink, reset, and reemerge as an association of the future.


Our Role as Your Partner

We believe that the best consultants embody the characteristics of the Shaman, Sherpa and Showman.

As shamans, we first conduct a holistic diagnosis of your association’s situation.

With a shared understanding of where we are and where we need to be, we serve as your sherpa, formulating potential solutions and a roadmap through unchartered territory.

Then we work as your showman, refining your plans and showing you a pathway to achieve your goals in new and inspiring ways.


Our Approach: New Think™

Our proprietary methodology of association reinvention, NewThink™, is supported by decades of work with associations. It defines the holistic approach we use to develop strategies that drive smart change and big results.

Blending data analysis and innovative thinking guarantees that you’ll come away with fresh, actionable ideas that you hadn’t previously considered—or imagined.


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