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Model Redesign

How current is your membership model? Your profession has changed and your audience has evolved. Are you truly reaching your full potential of members and volunteers? Today’s communities are more diverse and expect more customized experiences. Will your prospective members find enough value for dues? We will help you develop both a member and a customer recruitment and retention strategy that will encourage engagement at many levels while fostering your professional community and building relationships with them.

Governance and
Volunteer Engagement

All too often, associations fill board seats with who’s available---not with who’s truly up to the task of steering your organization. We’ll work with your organization to develop a path to leadership that is accessible to a greater variety of volunteers. We’ll look at the competencies you need throughout your leadership corps and design opportunities from speedy micro-volunteer gigs to multi-year board terms. And we can share technology and onboarding tools that make the experience easy, attractive, and effective for every participant.

Marketing and
Communitcations Strategy

When you know your members and customers well, your messages are much more likely to reach their targets. Let us show you how a deep dive into your member segments allows you to fine-tune communications, reinforce your value, and transform your association into a must-have resource.


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