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New Product
Identification & Feasibility

At MYB, we’ve developed a proprietary approach to uncover new product opportunities. Working closely with your leadership team, we’ll look at your current portfolio and apply our expert knowledge to identify gaps and determine the viability and feasibility of new products. We’ll also guide you through prototype concept testing, pro forma development, and validation so you can take them to market with confidence.

Strategy Development

Associations often struggle to balance their sponsors’ needs and organizational priorities. We’re experienced at creating frictionless, value-based solutions that connect your suppliers with their desired audiences. We’ll help you create new assets, refine existing ones, and design a program that advances both your organization’s mission and their marketing goals.

New Audience

In the new association world, members are just one part of the landscape. Expanding your reach requires building new audiences, some of whom will simply be customers for your products and services. Let us show you how to build a tiered engagement approach and communication strategy that can introduce your association’s products to a wider population.


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