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Meeting Assessment
and Redesign

We start by learning what motivates your audiences to attend---or not. Our proprietary tool, Experiential Touchpoint Mapping (ETM™), looks at event data, attendee perceptions, and onsite behavior to help you evaluate what your attendees want, need, and find most valuable. Whether you’re meeting digitally or in-person, our experts will help translate insights into inspirational experiences that are customized for today’s audiences as well as tomorrow’s.


Meeting Porfolio

Some of your conferences are likely underperformers. We’ll look at your calendar through a strategic lens: Whom are you trying to engage? Are there audiences you could be serving better? Which conferences meet expectations and which ones should be sunset? We’ll help you right-size your portfolio to deliver more of what your audiences want.

Meeting Content

From session formats to content delivery, we're in a new age of learning experiences. We've worked with dozens of associations to develop a content and delivery mix that keeps meetings fresh while delivering meaningful education. By taking a holistic approach to learning, we'll help you develop a 365-day content delivery strategy that engages your audiences where they are---in-person as well as digitally.


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