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How Does NEW THINK Help Associations?

by Max, on September 11, 2018


Have you ever labored over a perplexing problem and unexpectedly had an epiphany? A random magazine advertisement or a friend’s offhand comment triggers a brilliant “Aha!” moment. Suddenly all the pieces align, and the solution seems obvious. That’s NEW THINKSM

NEW THINKSM is MYB’s proprietary approach to discovering new solutions and possibilities for our clients. Equal parts science and art, NEW THINKSM is founded in research and data analysis and complemented by expertise in the art of understanding human behavior. Cultivating NEW THINKSM solutions requires looking at a problem from multiple perspectives. From macro to micro, inside to out. Tuning in to the perceptions, behaviors, and needs of your members or customers in “real-time”. Gathering evidence and framing up context to accurately diagnose the origin of the problem and re-imagining solutions based on the right data.

Whether looking for an innovative membership acquisition strategy, identifying new benefits that will be valued and provide additional revenue streams, or charting a fresh course for an entire organization, NEW THINKSM redefines strategy. No longer an anecdotal outcome from a Board meeting, true strategy comes from evidence – sources of data and research that collectively surface the profile of every person in your audience to ensure your strategy addresses needs and desires while building loyalty.

At MYB we believe If you dare to look at things differently, the possibilities are endless. NEW THINKSM makes that a reality for any organization.

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