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by John, on August 31, 2021

My conversations with association leaders these days inevitably turn to the topic of developing new products. Most organizations are looking to increase and/or diversify their revenue streams and creating new …

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by Max, on October 3, 2018

The premise of association membership is in a state of metamorphosis. Many clients approach us with the question of how to adapt as more and more associations are looking to …

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by Max, on September 11, 2018

Have you ever labored over a perplexing problem and unexpectedly had an epiphany? A random magazine advertisement or a friend’s offhand comment triggers a brilliant “Aha!” moment. Suddenly all the …

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by MYB, on May 12, 2016

Greater Palm Springs ( reveals new destination development plan to grow tourism from 12 million to over 16 million by 2026. MYB partnered with Convention Sports & Leisure to focus …

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by MYB, on July 3, 2014

NEW THINK is a principled practice, of realizing new possibilities, through evidence-based thinking. That’s why MYB sponsors the leading research relevant to our clients. Enjoy the latest incentive travel research, …

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