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How Effective is Your Association's Value Prop?

by Corbin, on October 24, 2018


As associations look to diversify offerings and revenue, more and more of our clients have been coming to us looking for the best ways to make sure they’re delivering what members want. As consultants that have worked with hundreds of clients in helping associations bring the right mix of products and services to market, we are passionate about this subject, and have found that an effective unique value proposition is the often overlooked crux of conveying what you provide to key audiences.

Here are 4 key questions to ask when assessing the effectiveness of your value propositions:

  1. Does it keep the target audience in mind?
    Who do you want this message to reach? Stakeholder motivations, behaviors, and needs should be the first priority in a thoughtful value proposition. Keep in mind too, you can't be all things to all people so make sure to speak specifically to exactly the audiences you want to reach.
  2. Does it concentrate on benefits rather than features?
    Conveying features of associations and their meetings and membership is great, but how do they actually benefit the end user? Be clear on exactly what participants will get out of offerings so they understand what they can expect and the real, tangible benefit they will gain.
  3. How are we showing that we’re the go-to industry resource?
    Today, there are so many choices for learning, professional development, and networking outside of the traditional membership association. Having a “how can we help” attitude and orienting offerings to exactly what is needed in the industry will help you stand out from the competition as a go-to resource.
  4. Are we consistently assessing effectiveness?
    Associations are living, breathing entities. Members change, industries change, and your leadership will be best served to adapt to changing needs. Keep your value proposition founded in research and continuously assess how well it is resonating with your target audiences.

At the end of the day, your unique value proposition is your most important asset. It conveys how your organization, your meeting, your products, you name it, provide benefits to your members. Enticing target audiences with products and services that will pack the most punch for them is essential. If you don’t make your value clear, who will?

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