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by Scott Falvey, on March 11, 2020

Associations across the globe are reconsidering their event strategy, and it’s not just because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As technology has improved and made virtual events a viable option, …

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by Scott Falvey, on February 13, 2020

“We are worth more than the work that we do; the work that we do is supposed to reflect who we are and what our worth is.” - Simon Sinek …

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by Scott Falvey, on January 28, 2020

Attendees expect more interaction and more personalized experiences out of today's conferences. When a conference mobile app is used well, it can spark meaningful interaction between your attendees, speakers and …

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by Scott Falvey, on January 21, 2020

Build it, and they will come. Right? Well, that's not always the case. Design it. Personalize it. Market it. Make it unique... and then they will come. Make it memorable, …

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by Scott Falvey, on January 14, 2020

We operate in a world where members and customers expect customized experiences, tailored to each individual's interests, goals and needs. Meeting these needs can seem like an impossible task, especially …

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